Secure platform

Our top priority is to create a safe and trusted virtual environment. Everything is safe within Coachademy. Nothing is either visible, nor stored on our servers. For the calls, we use Web Real-Time Communication (WebRTC). This is an API for peer-to-peer communication. Both WebRTC and the messaging service, enforce the usage of encryption, the most effective way to achieve data security. 

Licensed Professionals

All coaches on Coachademy are licensed professionals. We take care and effort in screening, supervising and monitoring the quality of our service and our professionals. To sign up and work through Coachademy, the Coaches have to be registered to a Coaching or Counselling Association or to a national registry of professionals. The ethical code they have to underwrite can be found here.


Transparency in Privacy Policies and Terms & Conditions. In line with the privacy and data handling directives, data subject have always access and personal data will never be given to third parties (unless in anonymous, aggregated form). The safety, privacy and dignity of the users shall be respected at all times. For more info, please refer to our Privacy Policy

Find your best Match

The success of coaching is highly dependent on the personal match between coach and client. However, it is difficult to find a coach you trust and feel comfortable with. Coachademy offers an unobtrusive and confidential channel to find the best professional for you. Browse through the available coaches, visualise their profiles, discover their specialisations, and try out different ones. 

Institutional Partnerships

We have awesome partners who believe in us and who support us in guaranteeing the quality of our service: the University of Padova, the University of Twente, TechnogymH-Farm Ventures and Finodex.

Dedicated Assistance

For any inquiry or problem, Coachademy’s team is always ready to assist and help you out. We also welcome intriguing ideas, brilliant suggestions, or any other feedback. We work hard to reply to any e-mail within 24 hours. Contact us directly here


Partners who support us achieving this