Are you a professional Coach and want to make a difference in someone’s life? Start with online Coaching

Coachademy offers you support, tools, and marketing to get started working in the most flexible and timely way. Boost your career and broaden your professional network by giving some extra coaching and counseling sessions on mobile, anywhere, anytime.


Unfortunately at the moment we are not seeking any new coaches.
If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please fill in the form at the bottom of this page. 


How to get started


1. Apply

Sign up to become a coach on Coachademy by filling in the form below. We’ll give you a platform for turning your expertise into extra income.


2. Let's Meet

All the Coaches working on Coachademy are licensed, professional and reviewed Coaches. During a Skype interview, we would like to get to know you, what motivates you and how you inspire people.


3. Start Coaching

Now you are ready to get started. Make your own profile on Coachademy and Start Coaching. We’re regularly creating opportunities to feature you and bring you more clients.

“The support provided by Coachademy is beyond excellent. They really helped me to get started and make the move to the field of online coaching.”
— Elena Centi, Coach on Coachademy
“With the app, I’m gaining invaluable experience while helping people in a very direct and concrete way. I feel I can really have an impact.”
— Michele Tomasi, Coachademy Coach

Features & Benefits


Personal Coach Account

Create your personal coaching account and profile where users can see who you are and what your specialisation is. The profile is immediately visible to the users of Coachademy.


Our platform is specialised in online, mobile Coaching via chat or phone calls. Coachademy gathers the best professionals in the field of business coaching, stress management, mental resilience and career growth.

Support & Supervision

Digital coaching is a new branch of coaching. We offer support, tools, webinars, and supervision to expert Coaches who want to get started in the world of digital coaching as well as to junior Coaches in training.


Flexible Schedule

Work how much you want, whenever and wherever you want. Simply indicate when you are online available within the app. Only then, users will be able to see your profile and make their first contact.

Free Marketing

Coachademy is a perfect acquisition platform and we constantly look for top coaches to feature to our community. We will use every chance we get to get you in the spotlight and connect with new clients.


Keep track of your activities with Coachademy in your personal stats dashboard. See how many clients you helped, how much time you spent coaching and when. All in a beautiful and insightful overview.


Unfortunately at the moment we are not seeking any new coaches. If you are interested in joining our waiting list, please fill in the form below: 

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