There is always a reason to smile!

During two amazing and inspiring days at Startup Festival UPRISE, we asked the people attending what made them smile at work. Here you can read the surprising and honest answers they shared with us. May they make you smile too :-)

Rebecca (@RebeccaBelknap) from @LevelUpVentures smiles when she can bring her cat to the office. She also smiles when she sits across from her boss while he eats and spills crumbs on his desk.

LevelUp is a startup turning tech companies into recruiting machines.

Sophia from @poopy_cat smiles, because she gets to work with cats for cats.

Poopy Cat provides innovative and cool cat products, developed with a focus on sustainability, convenience and fun.

Bianca  from @MyJollipop smiles at work, because she can turn hard work into light-hearted fun.

Jollipop is a mouth-watering lollipop containing a bunch of vitamins that will keep you going through the day.

Maria Jose from @BuenVerbo smiles every time she gets an unexpected idea from her student.

Verbo Mata Carita is a startup established by persuasive presentation experts offering coaching services in theatrical pitching.

Viviane & Bree from @TestBirds_BNL smile cycling to their office, bc it's based in the beautiful heart of Amsterdam.

TestBirds is a new crowd-testing service offering a platform for beta testers interested in checking out your app.

Rogier from @interlinguals smiles every time he connects the right people.

Interlinguals is a platform where language learners match with language teachers and schools.

Loes working for @GetWildCard smiles every time she gets to develop her own ideas.

WildCard is a new app experience for entrepreneurs, hackers, freelancers, designers, professionals, investors (or anyone using Twitter) to meet people that matter.

Mijal from @WeCreate_Global smiles when she gets to be creative with her colleagues in a relaxed environment.

WeCreate is a community for creatives in the post new-media world.

Ömer from @SparqTechLabs smiles at work, because he brings innovation into human progress.

Sparq is a blend of multiple highly effective nootropics which super-charge your brain, boost your energy, focus, memory & cognitive functions.

Would you like to share your story as well? Tell us what makes you smile at work in the comments below!