Giorgio Gerardi (English)

Each month we present one of our best Coaches and let ourself be inspired by them. This week we give the floor to an exceptional Italian Counsellor based in Rome: Giorgio Gerardi. Giorgio is interested in wellness as a total concept: including emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness. 

The interview was originally taken in Italian. Translated to English by TeddyApp's team. You can read the original here

Hi Giorgio, let us start with a general question. Could you tell us a bit more about your experience so far?

I have always been curious about the world and its phenomena. I'm interested in different disciplines such as: science, music, cinema, psychology and oriental disciplines. What drives me is the desire to find out what they have all in common. 

I started working with people because, through my life experiences, I realised that the way we construct ourselves and the world around us has the power to drastically change every little action, as well as the reactions that follow. This web of actions and reactions creates the habitat in which we move each single day. This is not always the best habitat for us. Inspired by the disciplines I am so passionate about, I wanted to discover the tools that could help people to achieve their full potential and get the best out of their lives, and out of themselves. 


What is the most significant thing you have achieved in your life? And how did you achieve it?

When I started working, I wondered whether I would be able to truly and effectively support my clients. Yet, already through the very first work experience, I began to realise that it was actually possible to help other people in achieving more balance and awareness. For me, it is exactly these results that I see in my clients that feel like the most significant achievement.  


Could you tell us how we can reach emotional, mental, physical and spiritual wellness?

These different types of wellness rest on a common foundation, that is: to gain Awareness. You just need to find the type that feels right for you. Remembrance of the Self, living actively and in harmony with oneself, with the environment and with the people that surround us, are some of the "basic steps" to reach it.


Would you like to share one particular Tip & Trick for TeddyApp's users?

To the users, I would like to advice not to be afraid in life. To always remember that the real starting point of everything we do is Ourselves, in the Here and Now, and that we can always change at any given moment, the evolution of our lives.

Cooperation is certainly a winning strategy: to seek the confrontation with others during "difficult" moments is the most natural and effective way to solve a problem and to better understand ourselves. In my opinion, TeddyApp is the most rapid, simple, and effective way to start feeling and living better.


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Photography: Giorgio Gerardi

Photography: Giorgio Gerardi