TeddyApp Becomes Coachademy

In the last months we have made huge steps with TeddyApp, releasing the App on the App Store and securing fantastic partnerships with TechnogymWellness HoldingH-Farm Ventures, the University of Padova, and Amsterdam-based youth counselling organisation Qpido.

In short: TeddyApp has grown up. To reflect this, today we proudly present our brand new name: Coachademy. The changes are live on the web and on the iOS App.

Why we chose Coachademy

In the past months we received much feedback on our name: TeddyApp had something soft, cuddly, almost introvert. But although we certainly want to remain the warm and accessible platform we have always been, we position ourselves as an empowering tool to inspire people to get the best out of their (professional) lives. Our mission is to improve the accessibility, reach and quality of emotional care.

The name, Coachademy, better reflects this mission by merging two words that are very meaningful to us: Coach + Academy.

The first word is quite obvious: Coachademy is a coaching platform to easily connect you with the best experts for stress management, work-life balance and career growth. In the Oxford English Dictionary, an Academy is defines as: "A place of study or training in a special field." That is: a place to learn, to grow, to improve, to be healthier and happier.

But a second, equally interesting meaning of Academy is: 

A society or institution of distinguished scholars, artists or scientists that aims to promote and maintain standards in its particular field.

We are incredibly proud of our community of expert Coaches. It’s obvious that the power of the app comes from them. By calling our app Coachademy we want to further highlight their status as distinguished, expert and qualified guides, while setting and maintaining standards in this new field of online Coaching.

With Coachademy our ambition is to become a reference point. We already offer support, free marketing opportunities and supervision to the Coaches that are starting to work with these new technologies. And in the future, we want to continue to support our expert community as much as we can.

Feature Changes

Coachademy works the same way the last version of TeddyApp worked.

For the coming weeks, we have some great releases for you:

  1. We are getting the app in multiple languages (English, Dutch and Italian)
  2. We are integrating our blog with Tips & Tricks in the app
  3. We are hugely improving our onboarding and profile settings possibilities

How Do You Find Coachademy?

and on the web:


Let’s do amazing things together!

The Coachademy team: Michelle, Mauro, Laura, Chiara and Hamid