Let's Move to Feel Better

This week we visited Technogym's HQ in Cesena. As part of the Wellness Accelerator, this leading Wellness Company is supporting our growth at H-Farm, sponsoring and mentoring the selected startups.  The company's philosophy is that of a Total Wellness Solution, their ethic is promoting a better life, through regular physical activity, a healthy diet and a positive mental approach.

Hence, when I was walking around the impressive gym that Technogym calls “testing lab,” I thought about human evolution. In particular, about how we were used to move our bodies naturally in order to survive —like getting food, hunting, and farming. And about how are we now using the brain primarily for getting our salary, which enables us to provide food. And about what our incredible brains have invented to move our body.

So, let me tell you something more about sport.

Sport is usually associated to being fit, burning calories and physical energy, for being attractive and trained. But it is also a way of move mental energy.

Did you know that sport helps also in reducing stress?

As we have seen in our previous blog Make stress your friend, the physiological activation related to what we generally call "STRESS" can also be very useful. Furthermore, it is only when the tension’s intensity related to everyday situation increases too much that a series of negative physically and psychological consequences can be experienced. We are on mission to prevent reaching this point and exercising is a tip for succeed.

Let me say that if sport helps in reducing stress, this should be a good reason for inserting regular physical activity in your life. A lot of studies support the benefits of exercise on both physical and psychological health. There is a variety of causes for this easy and accessible magic.

When performing your favorite sport, a chemistry alteration in your brain stimulate the production of endorphins and opiates which are also called the “pleasure” neurotransmitters. Moreover, heart and lung function improve thanks to an increase availability of oxygen for muscular and nervous functions.

From a psychological point of view, exercising is primarily loving yourself: in a super busy life, you are taking care of yourself finding the time for running or swimming or doing yoga or football etc. It helps in distracting from everyday preoccupation or negative thoughts, especially if your favorite sport involves learning or exercising skills, like dancing. Sport helps to display a wider range of emotional expressions which are usually constrained by how, when and what the society teaches to feel. We are also experiencing ourselves in a different context, enjoy physicality, learn our limitations and sometimes get over them, risk, feel our body as active and knowing part of it that we would have never felt before.

This definitely contributes in making your worldview more flexible, and in improving your relation with it. A friend of mine, who also happens to be a Sport Psychologist, loves to remember me that sport is also a life experience, particularly during development, which improves our life skills, and contributes in shaping coping strategies for facing everyday challenges.

I am not suggesting that we need to become the next Olympic Games' champion. Everyone has to choose the activity that motivates him/her mostly, to be constant in practicing, to feel her/his body for fixing a sensible goal while training, to find a good, active company (which increases motivation), to do sessions that are appropriate to one's own resistance.

But the most important thing in order to get the best benefits in life, is (always, in my opinion) to have fun! So… Let’s move and feel better!