Make stress your friend

Introducing a new blog

Today, on International Workers' Day, we had the idea of introducing a new section in this blog: a special section dedicated to all those who love their job, and to those who sometimes struggle; to those who overwork, and to those who like routine; to those who dream of being an astronaut, and to those who feel they are in the right place; to those who know when it's Monday mornings, and to those who still need a coffee. But above all, this blog is for all those who want improve the quality of life and of the workplace. 

Every week, we will publish some practical Tips & Trick on how to improve your productivity, handle workstress, develop creativity and make the workplace a better place.

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But first, let's start with some thoughts and curious facts abut stress.

Curious thought about stress

Kelly McGonigal, an health psychologist, explored the effects of stress on our body. Here findings were unexpected, to say the least.

Here is a curious list of things you probably have never thought about stress:

  • Don't let the mind trick you: Stress only has negative health consequences if you believe that it will.
  • Stress correlates to a lower risk of death 
  • Stress boosts the production of neuronal connections that improve your performance
  • Bursts of stress may strengthen the immune system
  • Stress can make you more social
  • Stress can improve learning and memory
  • Stress helps you to connect with your instincts

What do you think about these points?
To discover more, watch Kelly McGonigal's TED talk "How to Make Stress Your Friend" >