Big Shoes and a Beautiful Mind

H-Farm, here we are!

Few weeks ago, TeddyApp has been selected among 200 international applicants as one of the 5 promising startup in the field of health and wellness, for joining the Technogym’s Wellness Accelerator hosted by H-Farm Ventures (here is the story).

The exiting first week of the 4-months program has gone and TeddyApp is growing nicer and nicer. We have started this adventure with a warm-welcome, thanks to the H-Farm Ventures organisers, the sun and the spring. With a 30second-pich and a beer at the welcome aperitif, the first day was celebrated with all the other adventurers —the beautiful minds.

Where are we?

I would love to give you a sketch of where we are and —more specifically— what is surrounding us. Imagine to be in the flattest background you have ever seen, exactly in the middle of this flat background. Around you, only colourful fields. Looking at your right side, the flattest is green and, at your left side, it is brown. In front of you it becomes a yellow distension. Now put an old (just one) historical house in that middle of nowhere, surrounded by flowers and… you got it! That’s the view of the closest neighbours. Good luck if you need to reach them!

The place is the most peaceful and rural place I have ever seen. You can’t meet any “local people” by chance. You need to drive almost 10 km for getting a mobile sim or 5 km to get to a grocery. Same for having a beer. But I think that it is also the most relaxing place in which I have ever lived. To me it seems that we are connecting to the nature while developing an amazing tech, innovative idea. That’s the adventure right now!

What are we doing?

The Wellness Accelerator is carried out in parallel with H-Camp, which is an “International all-inclusive acceleration program dedicated to young talents and visionary startuppers wishing to develop their ideas”. We share the program, with the only difference that as part of the Wellness, TechnoGym is giving us some additional mentoring. At H-Camp the 8 startup are focused on the topic of “Made in Italy”, so they work mainly in the field of food and fashion (of course).

The typical day consists in doing spontaneously and individually some fit activity in the morning like jogging, yoga, hula hoop, and then getting on our way to the office, where breakfast is waiting for us in the H-Kitche restaurant: “Good food for beautiful minds.” The most beloved place, where we are served the most beautiful food (even confirmed by Italians) also at lunch (with a huge salad-buffet) and at dinner (with a typical Italian, delicious, three-dishes meal).

Then it is time to get to our workstation in the open plan area. Sometimes we attend meetings with mentors or lectures with experts in the field of business, while working very hard at our projects.

Then working, working, and working again :-)

A great pleasure to have this opportunity to build TeddyApp, a dedicated platform to connect employees and professionals for the prevention of stress and burnout in a way that is insightful, easy and accessible, in such an amazing environment.