Let’s move

"Let's Move for a Better World"

It is with these words that Technogym opens its website. And now it’s TeddyApp who is getting ready to move, and join Technogym’s Wellness Accelerator! The international accelerator programme is organised in collaboration with H-FARM Ventures in Roncade, nearby Venice, Italy. 



What are we talking about …

For of two decades, Technogym is THE wellness company. More than 65,000 Wellness centres and 100,000 private homes all over the world are equipped with Technogym. They achieved this with a vision promoting wellness, a better lifestyle and a positive mental approach. And —not to forget— innovation. Just a few days before the Final Selection Open Day for the Wellness Accelerator on 16 March, scrolling through the Twitter account of Nerio Alessandri, founder and president of Technogym, we discovered pictures in company of Apple’s CEO Tim Cook and announced Technogym’s new integration with Apple Health at IHRSA 2015, which will enable iPhone users to integrate all the data collected through the Health app into the Technogym Mywellness Lifestyle CRM platform. 

From the same innovation-driven mindset, they are powering the Wellness Accelerator managed and hosted by H-FARM.

H-FARM is a platform created in 2005 with the aim of helping young entrepreneurs in launching innovative Internet startups and supporting the transformation of Italian companies in a digital perspective. H-FARM is located on the Ca' Tron estate, where they revived 7 old rural properties, in an area of 18 acres. In the first 9 years, from this idyllic location, H-FARM invested approximately €18.2 million in 60 innovative companies creating over 350 new jobs and achieving some important exits.

This Wellness Accelerator is the first in its kind: completely focused on Wearable Devices, Platforms & Tools, Big Data & Analytics and Services in the health and wellness sector.  It’s a 4-month mentorship driven program, dedicated to 5 selected startups in the wellness and fitness space.



How we got there …

It all started a few weeks ago. We were absolutely excited hearing that we successfully passed the first screening phase for the Wellness Accelerator Programme. TeddyApp resulted among the Top 5% of the 200 applications submitted from all over the world, including Italy, USA, Armenia, Finland, Thailand, Azerbaijan, Pakistan, Argentina, Vietnam, and, of course: the Netherlands. 21 finalists were invited to the Final Selection Open Day on 16 March. During the Open Day each of the selected teams had 5 minutes to pitch their project to the Wellness Accelerator Investment Committee followed.

On Monday 16 March the TeddyApp team got together on the H-FARM Campus. Laura and Mauro driving from Trento; Mahesh and Michelle flying from Amsterdam. To make sure we didn’t feel homesick in Roncade’s beautiful countryside, we brought some real Dutch rainy weather. Ready for a full day of fascinating pitches.

Our colleague startups had clever consumer solutions to stay healthy by making physical exercise more accessible and engaging. TeddyApp was in this sense something in Dutch we would call: een vreemde eend in de bijt’ —literally translated: a strange duck in the pack, by focusing on emotional wellness instead.  

TeddyApp’s mission is to contribute to a healthy workplace with an application for the prevention of burnout and stress through coaching, and make those conversations more insightful with automated emotional analysis. We create a marketplace for conversations that makes emotional support accessible to every employee for any everyday irritation or conflict.

Technogym and the Wellness Accelerator are extremely valuable in this positioning beyond fitness as something just ‘physical’, towards a true “total wellness concept.” We get away from the illness-centred approach that characterises traditional healthcare and many existing mobile counselling apps. We want to give people something positive and empowering.


And a week later, last Monday, finally, the hour of truth: we got selected!!

We are extremely honoured, moved, thrilled, overwhelmed and excited to be part of the first batch of this amazing programme and we look forward to an inspiring accelerator.