We are incredibly excited about our new name: Coachademy

Also under the new name, we are committed in making Coaching and emotional care accessible to all. As such, most things remain the same. Some others (such as url's) change. As a rule, we have tried to make the transition as easy as possible. 

So, concretely, what does change for you?

App Store

This is perhaps the most important change: The name and logo of the app are changing. Hence, in the app store, you will find us under Coachademy rather than TeddyApp.

For those who already have TeddyApp installed, you do not need to re-download the app. With the next update the app will change automatically.


New name, also means a new website url. You can find us at:

Facebook / Twitter / LinkedIn

On Social media you find us under: Coachademy:

Facebook: /Coachademy
Twitter: @Coachademy
LinkedIn: /Coachademy

If you were already liking/following us, you also automatically liking the new Coachademy page.


Our new e-mail addresses end with
For any feedback, questions and suggestions, please write us at