101 thousand hours of happiness

Sometimes I stop. I take a look around and cannot avoid reflecting on what is going on around me. I’m seeing a lot of people doing stuff and wondering about why they are doing it and about what drives them to behave in such a way. 


I think about how our society is evolving and sometimes I have some doubts when considering the human species (my own species), which is used to be seen as the most evolved (I guess this is because we cannot understand other’s language yet). Anyway, what makes me wonder is how we have come to create a society in which we need to work at least 8 hours a day in order to get a salary (needed to survive, of course). This means that one third of our total available time is devoted and spent to work.

Now imagine: on average, we work 40 hours a week, 52 weeks a year, for 40-45 years.
In a lifetime, this comes down to an impressive 101 thousand hours one spends on working.

Take few minutes to consider this fact.

How do you feel? Are you happy with your job? And why?

(Now it could be a good moment to open your Coachademy app, to choose your favourite coach, and tell him/her about your feelings or how you are doing at work). 

Given the fact that this blog is titled “Tips & Tricks”, I will try to share some thoughts to take a pause and make a start in formulating answers to the questions above. 

For instance, try to answer to the following questions: 

  • Did you ever think about what you would like to do in life?
  • Did you ever challenge yourself in order to realise your dreams?
  • Did you ever take a risk in order to achieve something that satisfies you?

I am well aware often we cannot just pursue whatever we want. There are a lot of constrains, things to consider, people we care about. Often we just cannot be selfish and decide what makes us happy without taking our environment into consideration. 

Unluckily I don’t have the secret recipe for of happiness —yet ;-) but I believe that it is one step one has to take. 

kaboompics.com_Converse sneakers II.jpg

I know a lot of people who have fight to realise themselves professionally, to get the job they have studied years for. They make huge sacrifices. 

I know a lot of people who decided to quit their jobs and invest all their time and creativity realising an idea. They firmly believe in their idea, even though they are well aware there is a possibility that only their family and a few friends will share their enthusiasm. 

I know a lot of people that is dedicated to increasing our knowledge and sometimes they do it as volunteers (lack of resources not means only leaving their dreams). 

I know a lot of people who work very hard to make ends meet at the end of the month, people who have several jobs with low salaries. All of them are incredibly hard workers. Most of them, when asked:  “how are you doing?” would tell you that somehow they are satisfied. They are aware there are plenty of things that do not work, but they are on a path that should bring them where they want to go.

I know a lot of people whose job requires them to leave their hometown. They fly abroad and keep their relationship through an internet connection. I know also that these people all share one dream: tele-transportation. 

I also know people that quit their amazingly-paying job, pushed by deep love, being close to their loved ones, or by a new challenge. 

I also know people who just don’t care about what they do (luckily these are just a few), and people who are constantly complaining about their duties, their position, their salary, and so forth. With these people, the goal is not to tell them they are not right, but to inspire a new, fresh and positive perspective.

Today I realise that I have been one of these persons, luckily only for a short period. I realised that today, I am happy and satisfied (again) for what I am doing, for how I spend my time and I know I am very lucky. I’m doing something I like, and I will not call it “work" anymore. 

I wish all of you to find what you really want to do. It doesn’t need to be what you want to do till the end of times. It should be what makes you happy now, in this period of your life. We are constantly evolving and our goals and dreams evolve as well.

Obviously, I’m not impartial, but still, I would really like to recommend to talk with our coaches. I had the great opportunity to personally meet all coaches of Coachademy, and they are an amazing example of what I am describing here. They are very dedicated persons, and some of them reached this position after a lot of different experiences. They made an interesting evolution in their life. I recommend to get in touch with them to be inspired by them in your own personal grow.

Who know what you will discover next.

They are simply amazing. 

I would like to use this blogpost to thank them all for inspiring us, every day again.