Coachademy Raises Seed Funding to Improve Wellness at Work

Dutch startup for On-Demand Coaching App Coachademy (formerly TeddyApp) raises seed funding from Wellness Holding, the Italian angel investment fund owned by the family of Nerio Alessandri, Italian entrepreneur, Founder and President of Technogym.


Technogym is the leading producer of fitness and wellness equipment. Every day, over 35 million people train with Technogym equipment in more than 65.000 Wellness Centres and 100.000 homes. Technogym embodies a holistic philosophy of wellness, which calls for a balanced lifestyle through regular exercise, healthy eating and a positive mental attitude. It is on this ground that Technogym, Wellness Holding and Coachademy found each other for future collaborations.

Innovation has always been the driving force of the growth of Technogym. Besides the work of our Research Centre, we deeply believe in an open innovation approach that connects ideas, talents and projects that come from the outside.
— tells Technogym President Alessandri

Coachademy is a mobile app for Corporate Wellness offering on-demand Coaching for stress management and burnout prevention. With the app, people find and instantly connect with licensed, professional coaches to seek concrete advice through calls and text messages. Issues include: stress management, work-life balance, mental resilience and personal growth. Coachademy is offered as a consumer service through monthly subscription plans. In addition, it actively looks for Corporations to act as sponsors for their employees. 

The founders of Coachademy Michelle Franke (CEO), Mauro Fontanari (Chier Creative Officer) and Laura Fontanari (psychologist and Chief Community Officer) are driven to improve workplaces:

We know that people want to achieve amazing things through their work. We want to support them on an everyday basis, making emotional care accessible. We do this by creating a trusted and confidential virtual environment where people can ask professional advice for any big or small issue they face in their job. Collaborating with Wellness Holding and Technogym is an important first step for us to make an impact on wellness at work worldwide.

Earlier this year, Coachademy participated to the Wellness Accelerator an acceleration programme for startups conceived and promoted by Technogym and Wellness Holding in collaboration with H-Farm Venture, the leading Italian incubator located in the idyllic countryside of Venice. In June Coachademy started a successful pilot in collaboration with the University of Padova and is now available in the App Store with more than 40 skilled professionals from the Netherlands, Italy and the UK, ready to provide support to a growing community of users. 

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