Coachademy selected for European Grant FINODEX

Out of 297 submitted proposals, Coachademy (formerly TeddyApp) has been selected for the second call of the FINODEX accelerator, led by ZABALA Innovation Consulting and funded by the European Commission. FINODEX supports innovative projects using FIWARE technologies and open data. Each selected project may obtain between €10K and €170K of direct funding. 

Open Data

Open data has a clear potential to unlock a significant economic value becoming an instrument for innovation and business generation. Coachademy will use the FINODEX grant and support to further develop and improve the app to increase the scalability and competitiveness of its business innovation in the field of online Coaching in Europe.

Coachademy is a mobile app for Corporate Wellness that offers on-demand Coaching for stress management, mental resilience and career growth. In Europe, an estimated 47 million workers experience too much stress. The stigma to ask for support is incredibly high: in the UK, 3 out of 4 men say they would not go to a doctor if they were under stress, as they are afraid to be seen as 'unbalanced' or 'neurotic'. Coachademy is a dedicated platform that offers a direct, secure and confidential channel to find direct and concrete advice of licensed, professional Coaches through calls or text messages.

Development in the context of FINODEX focuses on implementing technological elements to guarantee quality and improve self-management using open data and FIWARE. This includes 1) a safer and faster screening of onboarding professional Coaches; and 2) to gather feedback from the Coaching conversation and visualise this in a personal dashboard within the app. We believe that Coachademy can have a positive and lasting impact on workspaces by increasing insight and self-management.


FINODEX is part of the Public Private Partnership Future Internet formed by the European Commission and major companies in the European technology sector. The main objective of FINODEX is to be a business incubator for SME’s and entrepreneurs to create new ICT products and services in Europe, making use of the FIWARE platform and Open Data.

The FINODEX accelerator is coordinated by ZABALA Innovation Consulting and are also involved the following organizations: Trento Rise (Italy), Europe Unlimited (Belgium), Engineering Ingegneria Informatica (Italy), Copenhagen Business School (Denmark), Federación Nacional de Empresas de Software Libre ASOLIF (Spain) and Konsulentfirmaet Ivan Häuser (Denmark).

About Coachademy

Coachademy is a Dutch startup currently growing at H-Farm Ventures, the major Italian Incubator located in Venice, Italy, and Accelerated by Technogym, the lead player in the Wellness Industry. Coachademy is creating a mobile app for Corporate Wellness to offer on-demand Coaching for stress management, mental resilience and career growth. Coachademy counts on valuable partners, including: Technogym, H-Farm Ventures the University of Padova, CoffeeStrap and Amsterdam-based counselling organisations Qpido and Spirit!