By creating meaningful connections between people and professional Coaches we contribute to the reduction of stress and burnout in your company.


22% of European employees suffer from too much stress. More than 60% of all lost working days in European companies are related to stress and burnout. In Europe alone, sick leaves, impaired job performances, and private and public welfare measures caused by stress and burnout are estimated to be worth €20 billion yearly.


1% = €730 

Dutch research institute TNO calculated that a little 1% decrease in work leaves, can result in €730 savings per employee per year.



Coachademy is a solution for Corporate Wellness, offering employees an accessible channel to manage and improve their mental resilience through on-demand coaching


Empowering employees Wellness

The best licensed, professional Coaches

Instant and everyday support

Watch it work

Any company, large or small, can benefit from offering the service to its employees. 

Improving the workplace is much more than treating symptoms. It's understanding the causes and —if needed— stimulate change. Hence, while supporting employees to manage stress and improve themselves, we make sure you always know what is going on.

In a dedicated dashboard, Coachademy automatically and anonymously gathers feedback on how to improve the workplace. We believe this leads to better, healthier more sustainable and more productive workplaces, while reducing health costs for more sustainable and competitive Enterprises.  

Why Coachademy?


Employees Wellness

Coachademy helps you take care of people’s wellbeing. A dedicated and secure mobile and web application offers users an easy and accessible channel to reach out to your specialists.

Corporate Responsibility

People make the company. Become a top employer and promote a positive work environment with an initiative to offer the best emotional and motivational support.


Privacy & Data

Everything is safe within Coachademy. Our top priority is to create a safe and trusted virtual environment. Read more about safety and privacy.

Continuous improvement through anonymous feedback

By automatically and anonymously gathering data and feedback from the conversations, we increase your insight of the hot areas, causes and levels of stress in the company. 


Contemporary mobile platform

Offer the best possible care with state-of-the-art mobile technology.

Attractive Pricing

With the flexibility of a licence-based subscription, Coachademy is the most affordable investment in employees wellbeing.


How can we help you?

We'll be happy to show you our corporate plans and talk about how we can help you and your company to get healthier, more sustainable and more productive.

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