On-demand Professional Coaching


Career Coaching

A coach is a professional who guides you to reach your career goals and maximise your potential. Together you work on strengthening self-esteem, managing stress, improving work-life balance, and boosting your performance.

Safe and Confidential

In everything we do, we are committed to ensuring that your privacy is protected. Besides a safe and secure technological infrastructure, we guarantee top quality Coaches. Read more about what we guarantee. 


How it Works:


Smart Coaching

The best coaches are right under your fingertips.

Coachademy gives you direct and immediate access to a professional to talk and seek advice about any everyday irritation or conflict at work.


Instantly Connect

Immediately see which Coaches are at that moment on-line avaialable and start a conversation through calls or text messages.


Emotional health tracker 

What if we could use the conversations to give you more insight in our emotional wellbeing?

Coachademy is developing a technology that allows you to measure and monitor your emotional health in a fully automated way. In a personal emotional dashboard within the app you can track and improve your emotional health. 

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Are you a Professional Coach, Counsellor or Therapist?
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